Animation n.  the state of  being full of life or vigour.

"Draw an anime cartoon figure that gives the impression of being alive on the page. Use techniques we have discussed in class to suggest movement."

I read my art assignment and groan. I've seen a few Saturday morning cartoons, and the characters with the typically big eyes and odd hair colours aren't exactly my favourite. In fact, I consider them to be dumb, dumb, dumb. My opinion of anime cartoons is about the same as my opinion of eighth grade - pointless.  I'm never going to use anything I learn this year in real life, anyway. I just can't see me getting up in the morning when I'm old, say like 25 or something, wondering what I'm going to do with my polynomials, today. Pffft. I hate math. I hate people who teach math. I hate people who like math. I'm not nuts about art, either. My drawing sucks. I hate Monday mornings. I hate being a thirteen year old girl on a Monday morning, and being made to draw something with big eyes and weird hair. I'd rather sleep.

I pull out my box of pastels and start to scribble. I like pastels. You can smear them with your fingers, and make something different than what you start out with. I draw a face with big purple eyes, blue spiked hair, and a little pointed chin. I can't decide whether to make it a boy or girl. I start to draw a neck, when the thing winks at me! It's not just a teeny tiny wink, it's a full one eye open/ close wink. I gawk at it. It gives me a big cheeky grin, with a mouth I haven't drawn yet. I don't like the mouth. It has teeth. I don't draw teeth, but this drawing has teeth. I try to rub it out with my eraser. Erasers don't work on pastel - Duuuuuuuh! I set the eraser down to get another pastel, and it disappears. The mouth eats it!

I put the pastel next to the mouth, and the mouth eats it too, then burps. I start to crumple up the paper by putting my hand over the face, and I feel a sharp pain in the palm of my hand. I scream and let go of the paper. I look at my palm, and the mouth is now on my hand, and the teeth are sinking in. I scream again, and jump out of my seat. I hear a very loud buzzzzz going on somewhere nearby. The school bell?  No, I don't think so.  I shake my head and wake up. I'm on the floor beside my bed, with the alarm clock going off on the bedside table. It was all just a dream. What a relief.

Strangely, the palm of my left hand hurts. I look, and there's a small bite mark, too small to have come from me. I freak out. I throw the alarm clock across the room to shut it up, and climb back in bed. I am soooo not going to school today.

The definition for animation is the fifth line on page 52 of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. It's the only book I keep on my computer table.

The End

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