Things left unspoken

Luca hadn't strictly told the truth. More often than not, he was so far behind the group that the only way he knew what was going on was because he was following the girl's presence in his mind. He didn't want to be there and was sulking a little about his situation. He sat down near her as she ate, keeping to the shadows. He was hardly paying attention to their conversation until her words snapped him out of his sulking.

"It's still not a very nice way to live. Why don't you just leave and start up a new life somewhere?"

"There's nothing outside of the kingdom for me, and there's nothing inside it. Sure, I'll just skip off somewhere and start a new life all over again," he growled irritably.

"God you really are touchy aren't you? I was just trying to think of a way you could be happy! Sorry for trying to be helpful!" He closed his eyes and resisted the urge to hit her. She doesn't know anything about this place, he reasoned with himself, you shouldn't get pissed off at her for that. "You're pissed off aren't you?"

"I just don't like thinking about why I was forced to live in the middle of a forest for the last four years."

"Well you only have to think for a second, and then I'll know anyway." She peered into the darkness, but for what, Luca didn't know. Nor was he interested. He was more interested in finding a way of keeping her out of his head.

"I'm not thinking about it," he said tightly.

"You will," she replied. He wondered if he could heal her out of his mind. He sent out a pulse of energy to seal off his mind from her and was met with her irritation, "Oh, fine, have it your way, I'm only trying to help!"

"How are you trying to help by invading someone's memories?" he spluttered incredulously.

"Just trying to help you get over how upset it makes you. Just trying to be a friend. Sorry if that's too much. And I'm kind of getting used to this whole reading minds thing, it's almost automatic when I do it."

 "There's a reason people keep things in their heads and don't talk about them y'know," he muttered under his breath. He picked up a stick from off the floor and started to peel the bark from it. She looked around to see everyone had finally fallen asleep, and slipped into the shadows, blindly searching for Luca.  

"Look, I'm sorry ok? I've been pulled out of my own world, I have a weird new skill I didn't know about, and there's creatures talking and you're not being nice and, and...I want to go home!" in her blind walking, her foot caught on a tree root and she was sent flying into the ground, face first. More accustomed to the darkness, Luca watched as she half pushed herself up. Sighing, he stood and helped her up. She mutters a quiet ‘thanks' and Luca sits back down, returning to peeling the bark off of the stick.

"Why are you even doing this? Helping me I mean."

"I told you," he shrugged, pulling out his penknife to start shaping the stick.

"Yeah, because you are really just picking up a random person and helping them. But there has to be something else."

"I said. You're probably here for a reason. If that reason is because of the kingdom, then it means bad things for me and people like me. It's a matter of personal gain." He didn't mention that he would quite happily kill her if she posed any sort of threat to him, though.

"Oh thanks. So I'm just a matter of personal gain!"

"I told you that. Listen, I'm sorry you're upset about that, but I hardly put you under the impression I was here for anything else," he attempted to remain calm as he sharpened the end of the stick into a point and cut a notch in the other end. His annoyance, however, was betrayed by his telekinesis. A few stones and twigs rattled and threatened to shoot up in the air around them. He shot a glare out into the darkness as he felt them shiver around him. 


The End

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