Arabella:Luca following

The day was long, and the party only stopped to rest once before carrying on with their journey. Through the hours of the day, Suki-Mae chatted to Arabella, keeping her entertained. Tam amused the party with little ditties and jokes, so they were a merry party as they walked.

 Ahead of the little travelling party, the sun was setting. Arabella could see the castle they were heading towards in the distance. Her feet ached and she dragged them along as she followed the group. Imagine her relief when Derabble stopped the party for the evening.

In the ever growing darkness, a small fire burned as Tam cooked a warming shrimp soup. He handed Arabella a warm bowl, and she took it to the shadows underneath a huge warped tree.

"Luca?" She whispered.

"Hello." The voice was just behind her. She jumped slightly.

"Don't do that!" She could almost imagine him grinning. She felt that niggling annoyance that always accompanied being near Luca. It was starting to grow on her. "Have you been following all day?"

"Pretty much. You don't expect me to go without food do you?"

"No. How are you eating?"

"I hunt and forage. But I don't make little meals like these creatures."

"That can't be very nice."

"It's enough to keep me alive."


The End

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