Journey begins

Arabella's eyes fluttered open to see Derabble staring at her. She jumped.

"Don't worry miss, I was just about to wake you. We must begin travelling." Arabella stood up, and took the bread Derabble offered her.

"Thank you." Around her, all the creatures were busy getting ready. Fires were being put out and the boat had been loaded with infants and luggage. Arabella looked to see if she could see Luca, but couldn't, so she reached out with her mind.

"Hello Arabella. I'll follow you, but don't try and talk to me. I'll tell you when it's possible."

She nodded her head to show she had heard. Suki-Mae wandered over to her.

"You ok?"

"Yeah, just a little sore."

"Well, you can walk with me if you like, you'll feel more comfortable after you've walked a while."

"Thanks." Suki-Mae smiled and gestured for Arabella to follow her. Around her, everyone was setting off, music playing to keep everyone happy. With her new found ability, Arabella could tell what everyone was thinking, but soon switched off. Too many thoughts made her head hurt. Instead she concentrated on the flowers that lined the river bed. They were beautiful, deep red flowers, adn she picked one to look at as she walked. Suki-Mae began to sing along with the music.

"There's a long winding river,

at the side of my home,

and it beckons me to travel as it ebbs and it flows..."

The End

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