Sleeping camp

When Arabella returned to the camp, Derabble had just noticed she'd gone.

"Where have you been?"

"I just went for a walk." She was wary of Derabble now after what Luca had said, but she still liked him.

"You shouldn't you know. There are dangerous people in this forest."

"Like who?"

"There is an outlaw in the forest, and many others. But they're nothing for you to worry about."


"Our clan sets off tomorrow early. Would you like to travel with us?"

"Where are you going?"

"We will pass the castle to see my father who should return soon, and then go to the sea for our annual festival of the sun."

"Then I would love to join you Derabble."

Suki-Mae smiled at her. "I'm coming too!"

They settled down to sleep at the edge of the river. Arabella was still awake when the rest fell asleep. She lay looking at the stars, thinking of the events of the day.

The End

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