The Palace was like ever other palace. Beautiful and great. In Felicia's eyes it was just a great waste of crystals. To build such a tall structure for one family and its servers.

The only other people to cross into the perimeter was the guest. Welcomed with formal bowing before they had to bow themselves. To Felicia's mother of corse. The Queen wasn't know by name and even Felicia herself just called her mother. So the Queen was sucessful in keeping her name quiet.

Felicia continued to pout and complain and Rio carried her along the corridor and past maid. She knew they all shook there heads and laughed. Felicia was annoyed at this. She hated getting caught cause it always ended with embarassment. "If you didn't try to escape people wouldn't laugh when you get caught" Rio says.

"I don't care" Felicia moans a kicks him in the chest hard. He hesistates slightly but thats the only sign he shows that it hurt. "Can I be put down now?" Felicia moans. Seriously she was no embarassed beyond reason.

"Will you behave?" Rio asks.

"YES!" Felicia shouts. Rio chuckles and lowers her to the ground. She straightens out her clothes then looks up to see Rio watching her with a raised eyebrow. She blushes brightly and turns on her heels. "I'm going to get changed"

Rio follows on her heels. "You need to see you mother after you know" Rio says, he looks her up and down again. "In royal dress"

Felicia pouts and turns on Rio. "I hate those dresses they are two tight and the only way you will get one on me is to physically force me" She says stopping a facing him putting one hand on her hips and staring at him in a daring way. Rio smiles and leans in to whisper.

"Don't try me Princess" He says before leaning back and stretching. "I will take the challange on"

"Bet you would" Felicia says before walking off. Sparkle chooses that moment to appear and Felicia shoots a look that says 'traitor'. The dog wimpers which causes Felicia to sigh and stroke the creatures head. "You lovable mutt" She mutters.

The End

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