Princess Felicia

Felicia sat on a branch high up in the tree. She couldn't stop laughing and neither could Sparkle her pet winged-dog. She felt so much joy from once again excaping the palace. How she hated that retched place? The guards at the bottom of the tree were angry. Especially the leader who was red in the face.

This caused Felicia to laugh even more, maybe she was over reacting now. I mean she was even wondering herself now why she was laughing so much. And it ended up so much she almost fell off the branch. But instead she ended up hanging upside down by her legs. "Princess, we recommend you come down this instant" The leader shouts again.

"Recommend? Well then I believe I will stay up here then" Felicia giggles swinging back up to sit on the branch. Her bow was still strapped to her back and she wore jeans with a checkered, button done-up top, which was only done up to her waist then the rest of the fabric reached down apart to just above her knees. Her eyebrow was raised over her left eye in a sign of 'dare-you-question-me'. Her eyes clearly showed out and the Dark blue abyss that had the cat shape to the iris.

She flicked back her plaited hair almost hitting Sparkle. "Sorry" She says stroking the creatures head affectionately. Affection she showed only for a few people. Felicia didn't show affection for those who didn't gain her respect even though she was kind to them. Well, kind to everyone except the poor guards.

Her tail flicked, her fur on her tail and ears was the same colour as her hair, midnight black that when the light reflected off it was blue. Felicia let her eyes narrowed. The cat like look about them frightening one of the guards. This causes him to step back and this causes Felicia to laugh again, and the guard to go all embarrassed.

"Princess Felicia, I believe you should listen" a voice calls up. Felicia stops laughing and turns her eyes to look at Rio. He's smiling but its obvious by the worry in his eyes that he wishes Felicia was not up so high in the tree and once again ignoring her mothers instructions.

Felicia sighs heavily, Why did Rio always show up at the time she was close to having at least some time out? Slowly Felicia turns her head to look at Sparkle. "Ideas?" She asks. Sparkle barks and Felicia moans. So even her best friend agrees this has gone on to long. She can tell by the tone of her bark that how insync with Sparkle Felicia was. She stands up then flips off the branch. All the guards panic till she lands on a branch lower down perfectly.

But she continues to does this worrying the guards each time till she reaches the ground. "Now I am on the ground.... and will be going" Felicia says. She turns to run off only to run smack into Rio waiting. Felicia squeals as he picks her up by the waist and puts her partly over his shoulder.

"Put me down!" Felicia moans, kicking about. Of corse he won't put her down. She knows that, ever time she's got out he's found her and brought her straight back to the palace without difficulty. Rio laughs and head back towards the palace. No one gets in his way knowing that only Rio is the only one that can risk getting this close to Felicia in this mood. Finally, Felicia stops kicking and the guards form a circle round Rio as they head back to the castle.
"I hate you" Felicia snaps at him folding her arms and pouting.

"No you don't" Rio whispers in her ear. And its true. She doesn't. Rio loves Felicia and she loves him. If it wasn't for Felicia's detirmination to excape the palace every day, to find Rio would be to also find Felicia. That was how tight they were.

But Felicia decided long ago that until her mother past on and she had to take up proper duties. That wouldn't happen.

The End

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