Usually, Luca didn't venture this far up the river. Though he was confident as a fighter and a hunter, a run-in with the kingdom's creatures was not worth the risk. If they knew he was this close... He shuddered slightly, and pressed on.

The hush of the forest was broken by the muffled sounds of laughter. It echoed off the trees eerily and filled Luca with an unreasonable sense of trepidation. It was unreasonable, because if the creatures were all drunk, they might not notice him. And even if they did, they wouldn't catch him. No, it was a nervousness caused by the prospect of this new person. What if they were a new weapon? A new... something that could be used by the kingdom against him and all that stood in its way.

He bit down on his lower lip slightly, hesitating. It didn't take long to decide that observing from the boughs of a tree was probably the safest way to get closer without being noticed. He moved forward until he found a tree that was close enough. Glancing up, he found a branch to aim for. He dropped into a crouch, still looking at it with a determined glint in his eyes, before launching himself into the tree. He grabbed at the branch and hauled himself up, crawling along to the end.

He laid on his stomach along the bough, wrapping his limbs around it to hold himself there. When he was comfortable, he looked down at the presence he had been following. And found himself surprised. The person the presence belonged to, looked nothing like he'd imagined. For a start, he had imagined a presence such as this one might belong to a teenage boy.

Instead, she was a young girl, possibly in her teens, dressed all in pink with the kind of blonde curls he had only seen on the upper classes. Frowning slightly to himself, he watched the Water Buler he knew as Shrouwd and this girl, intrigued.

He wanted to know more about her, but there was no chance of that happening with the kingdom creatures hanging around her. He pulled his water flask out of his pocket carefully to take a quick drink, not noticing that his rough penknife was falling out until it was too late. It landed with a thud beside the pink girl and Luca swore under his breath, carefully moving back so he was crouching on the branch, ready to leave in a hurry. 


The End

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