Meeting Arabella

Grabbing a broom, Suki-Mae stormed out of the storage cupboard. Straight away she went to the clearing opposite, muttering to herself.

"Why me?" She wondered,"Why is it always me to do the extra jobs?" But, deep down, she knew the answer to that."Because, you idiot, you deserve them. You were the one to cheek Sir Clogovich so you should get the punishment." Now, although Suki may seem moody and full of herself, she's still a fair-headed girl. She knows the difference between wrong and right even though she loves to have a laugh.

As she started sweeping up the leaves, something caught her eye. The something was pale pink, moving swiftly through the trees at a slow pace, as though someone was observing every single thing.

By now, Suki was intruiged. Not scared, simply curious. But, in desperate attempt to get finished, she put the thought to the back of her mind and carried on working. But, as hard as she tried, she couldn't help but think about the pale pink figure. Once she'd finished sweeping in that particular section, she wandered down a trail leading to another clearing. Again, Suki started gathering up the leaves, but she couldn't do it mindlessly - there was that one thing on her brain that was bugging her. Then she heard voices.

At first, she thought that they were her imagination, until she remembered the figure. Could the beautiful voice belong to... well, it. It's words weren't just being said, it seemed as though they were being sung as a wistful melody. At that moment, even though she knew she was getting off task, Suki heard another voice. This time, the words were definaitly being said, not sung. But... That tone of voice, she'd heard it before.

"Could it be... No, no, that's impossible... Wait! It is him! I'm sure... Derabble Shouwd!" As soon as she realised it was him, she hurried to finish sweeping.

In a couple of minutes, she was running down the trail that would, hopefully, lead her to the voice and Derabble. Another flash of pink showed her the way as she sprinted towards it... Smack bang into Derabble!

"Oh! Derabble, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" She gabbled.

"What on Earth? Suki-Mae Cox, what have you done this time? Crashing into me like that! And I suppose you have some "simple" explanation that's actually incredibly naughty?"

" Oh, Derabble, don't be mad, please!" she pleaded, " I can explain. You see, I was sweeping when I saw a flash of pink and heard a voice... And then I heard your voice! I didn't want to miss you so I finished sweeping and then ran down the trail straight into you..." explained Suki.

" Hmm, well, instead of standing here, how abouty we go back to the village so that Arabella here can have some food." he said stiffly.

 That was when Suki actually remembered the reason she ran into Derabble - the flash of pale pink! She let her eyes wander over to the figure in a pale pink dress... pale skin... long, blonde, wavy hair... she looked pretty average, apart from her eyes. They were grey rimmed, and blue, but they had a... a sparkle to them. An adventurous, curious sparkle.

" Hi. I'm Arabella, but I guess you already gathered that!" She said, nervously.

" Hey, I'm Suki-Mae but I guess you already know that!" Suki said with a smile.

They were talking ninteen to the dozen all the way back.

The End

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