A new world

A speck of light drifted on the wind, bobbing over the stretched out form of Arabella Quincey. Her blonde hair stretched out over the grass, the curls and waves twisting in and out of the blades of grass and caressing the daisies which tangled in the curls as if they were part of it. Arabella's pale creamy skin had no blemish, and the overall picture as she lay curled in the grass was that of a fairytale princess, with her long pale pink dress creating a rosebud effect around her body.

Arabella's eyes fluttered, then opened, revealing iris's of startling blue and a grey rim. She stared at her surroundings, barely able to believe she was here. The last thing she could remember was the wood, dark and creepy in the late hours of night.  But now she appeared to be in a clearing, surrounded by bright sunlight. The floor of the clearing was dotted with flowers of the prettiest kind, daisies, bluebelles and tulips to name a few. As she explored this new landscape, Arabella sat up, with an uncomfortable feeling that she was being watched. But her wider view of the clearing brought only more flowers and grass to her gaze.

"Hello." A musical voice appeared out of nowhere. Arabella gasped and looked around, but again there was no one. "Down here pretty girl!" Arabella looked down and saw to her amazement a small creature with big brown eyes peering up at her. She knelt down and stared at the creature.

"Did you just speak?" The creature drew itself up pompously.

"Of course I did. Do you see anyone else around here?"

"Well...no. But you're a...well, I'm not quite sure what you are."

"Derabble Shouwd at your service miss," the creature then bowed and stared up at her with it's huge brown eyes again. "I am a Water Buler."

"What's a Water Buler?" The creature drew itelf up and put a small paw on it's heart.

"The Water Buler are an old race miss, that sail the rivers of Somina and beyond."

"What is Somina, Mr Shouwd?" 

"Why my dear, this is Somina!" His little furry paws stretched as he looked around him.

"But I was just in England. How can I be in Somnia? I've never heard of such a place!"

"Well I have never heard of this...Ingland you speak of."

"Mr Shouwd..."

"Ah, now dear, enough with this Mr Shouwd business. You may call me Derabble. Mr Shouwd is my father's name, although he has not been around to claim it for some time now."

"Why? Where is he?"

"He is on business in other lands for the Queen. She has declared him her embassary to distant lands!" Derabble drew himself up proudly at this honour. "Now come my dear, you must be hungry. Come and meet my family by the river." Derabble scampered off on four paws, looking back over his shoulder at Arabella to point that she was to follow him. Arabella stood and followed willingly. A friend in this strange new place was welcome, and although her head was whirling with questions, she did find a moment to think amusingly that Derabble did rather look like her guinea pig Squeak back home.

The End

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