Arabella's world

Rather like Bridge to Terrabithia if you have seen it. Just create your own world, or even just expllore the character of Arabella. Have fun.

Specks of fuzzy colours flew lazily through the air, as if  the gentle wind carrying them had hands of its own, and was guiding each speck in an enchanting pattern. The pale light reaching through the dark, contorted shadows of the trees, seemed to flutter occasionally, as if something were stopping it from lighting the way.

Out of the darkness, a small figure in pale pink appeared. Glancing behind her frequently, Arabella Quincey stepped inquiringly through the specks of light, treading carefully in case there were any stinging nettles hiding amongst the tufts of grass. Ahead of her, she saw the light flicker once more, and hurried her steps.

Behind Arabella, a lone wolf watched her through it's gleaming golden eyes. He was the only witness to her disappearance amongst that bright light. As soon as her figure disappeared amongst the trees silouetted by the beams, the light vanished, swallowing Arabella, the specks of light, and the trees.

The End

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