Trying to HelpMature


I didn't really know what the hell was going on, but it seemed bad. I had snuck along... wanting to help if I could, but I haven't had my big chance yet. Eternity was out and Neroze and Ever were fighting along with the others.

I had been watching from a safe distance. I was hiding in a small cave. I watched Eternity's every move and I tried to copy it.

I had managed a couple people, but the went poof in a couple of seconds. I tried harder and harder each time, but I failed each attempt... then, as if a light bulb had gone off, I had an idea. I knew Neroze would be mad at me for doing this, but I knew it would help in a way.

I jumped out of the cave and hurried to the tree, where Eternity. I thought about what Neroze had taught me to do. He said to focus on the goal.

I learned a little trick when I was given these gifts. I would burn a hole big enough for my feet to fit in. It would take a while, but I knew it would work.

ten minutes later and I was at the top with Eternity. Her body was motionless and her eyes closed. I felt the wind blow through my hair as I lifted her up. She wasn't heavy so I could carry her down easily.

When I got to the ground I could still see everyone battling hard. I knew Neroze would freak when he saw that she was gone, but I just had one of those feelings where it was the right thing to do.

I ran to the cave, where I had been hiding out in and I laid my jacket down on the ground and Eternity after. I looked from her to the field, where the Neroze was. I saw a beast coming to a tree and I saw him run for it as well.

He looked panicked, but then saw me. He didn't look happy when he saw that I'd taken Eternity, but then again I was always the runt of this so called 'group,' but I knew it was for the best so I just smiled back and crawled back into the cave.

The End

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