Up, Up and...... StuckMature


"She'll live right?" I ask.

Neroze nods. Then looks at me. "Just energy depleted like I said" He says.

"Okay, can you pick her up cause" I begin to shout over th racket. "Cause we need to get higher"

All the guardians and appointed begin to leg it up the hill but I wait with Neroze while he carfully picks up Eternity.

"Move!" I shout at him. He flinches then stares shocked. I know my eyes are full violet.

I push a palm out earth flying at the monsters then turn and follow up the hill. I do a backwards sweep and water burst up and goes flying at them knocking a few down.

I reach the top of the hill. "Shit" I hiss. I notice that while all the others have made it down the hill I am now stuck.

Moster file in all round. I light my hands and then curse. "NEROZE!!" I scream.

The End

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