Bringing down a rock faceMature


The dragons follow first as I carry Eternity out of the cave. My legs power me forwards. I wasn't going to die here. I knew for several different reason, but I knew that doesn't nessecarily mean I won't get hurt , and thats not my intentions at all. I jump over a few rocks and reach the exit.Fire blows through exit. Searing my appointed jacket.

The gaurdians , and appointed kept running. What use was that going to do the beast where still going to follow us. I carefully, move Eternity onto my back. I jump up the clifface. My left arm changed into a cutting tool. I hack at the rock face trying to make it fall to block the exit.

" Need help there." A few non cowardly gaurdians and appointed come behind me.

" Yeah."

Ever heats the rock up. A young appointed officer cuts down the rock with a sword. A garudian and her dog scrape the rock up. I punch it down  it rocks collapses crushing a dragons neck.

" Ouch." I mutter as I land back down on ground checking Eternity pulse. It was at a safe range along with her breathing.

" Just energy depleted, I guess." I say to reassure everyone." Then say qiuetly to the unconciouse body.

" Don't you try to leave just yet."

The End

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