As the others ran off to tell Neroze what I was doing I began focusing my mind, drawing every ounce of strength I could find.  I looked towards Ever for the signal.  Our eyes met and she nodded.  I focused on briging forth the fire like I had done many times before, then I worked on shaping them to resemble humans.

I opened my eyes to see if the distraction was working and could feel my body relax as I realized it was.  The dragons were moving towards the fire creations and the rest of the troops were moving behind them and out of the cave.

Neroze turned and motioned for me to follow.  I didn't know what to do.  Neroze wasn't clear of the dragons and I didn't know if the figures would hold if I began moving.  A bead of sweat trickled down my forehead but I didn't reach up to brush it away.

Neroze still wasn't moving.  I was going to have to try and get to him or we would both be dead.  I looked at the fire figures and tried to keep my focus as I moved slowly towards the exit.

It was going so well until I reached Neroze and my power failed.  The figures disappeared and I collapsed.  Everything was hazy but through the mists I could hear the roar of the dragons.

This is it Eternity.  At least now you died fighting for your home.  I was ready to be ripped to shreds but instead I felt strong arms picking me up and someone running with me away from the noise.

'Neroze?'  I whispered.

'Come on don't leave me.'  It was Neroze.  He had saved me.  He was still talking to me but I couldn't make out the words as I slipped into unconciousness.

The End

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