No plan, great!Mature


As we ran away from the monsters I was glad of my training.  I kept pace with the more experienced fighters, matching Neroze's steps stride for stride.

'Do we have a plan?'  I yelled as we hurtled away from the dragons.

'Do you want the short answer or the long one?'  Ever replied.

'No we don't.'  Neroze cut in.  'We're going to have to think of something fast though.  How do we stop them?  Ever?  Do you have any way of finding that out?'

'I can't find out that information and I've never seen anything like this before.'  I could only describe the look on Ever's face as fear and from Neroze's reaction, that wasn't normal.

'Aeris?'  Neroze looked desperate, even more so when the Guardian shook her head.  'Shit.'

'Why don't we stop running and fight?'  I suggested.  It was the only way I could see of solving this problem.

'We'd be cut down in moments.'  Neroze replied.  'We need to think of a better idea.'  Suddenly an idea came to me.

'Guys go left!'  I saw a cave and led the rest of the group into it.   'Right then listen up, I have an idea.'

The End

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