I shoot a look at Aeris. "Run?" I ask.

"Run" he confirms. We turn and leg it running straight past all the guardians and appointed. They turn and follow us.

Neroze catches up. "What did you see?" he asks.

"Uh, lets just say I don't want to touch any monster inside this place in fear of some sort of rabies" I say shooting a frightened look at him.

"There all completely...... Changed. Their bodies are unstable. Any of their DNA touch our..... We'll end up like them. Ill" Aeris says simply.

"I explain it better" I mutter pouting at him. We hear a scream behind us. All the guardians turn.

A female guardian, luckily no one important, is lying on the floor monsters hovering over her.  We watch as the monster gauge at her neck then they step back.

The guardian gets to her feet. "Holy Crap" Aeris whispers. I know what he's hearing. The only description I can use is Devil thoughts.

The guardian opens her eyes and...... red.

"Oh mother mercy" I whisper.

"What?" Neroze says and looks at me.

"Run!" I shout.

The End

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