The BeastsMature

     The beasts ambled toward us, almost cautiously. Everyone in the group had their hands ready on their weapons, the muscles tense to lash out immediately. A large ogre-like creature who was foaming at the mouth and had blood shot eyes lashed out at someone, and was immediately put down by Neroze, who then gave a warning glare to the other monsters behind it. I stood behind a Guardian, or Ex- Guardian or something,  named Ever, who I had connected with right away. We both had the same rare ability. Both short and somewhat hot-tempered. There was something about her that seemed extremely powerful. I heard the stories of the murdered Appointed, and couldn't decide what to believe. It didn't seem like it could be true.

  Neroze called out our names. 

   "You two. Ever, Aeris. Could you try and use your telepathy to talk to these creatures. They don't seem to be hostile so we could use them for information on what's happening." Nodding, we walked over and picked our own creature. Staring directly into its eyes, we began to form the Connection. Immediately, and almost in sync, both Ever and I gasped in horror.

  "Oh my god."

The End

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