for a momentMature


We reach the other side the people I had sent to investigate the dragons where also there in front of us taking the different landscape. Plants where oversized , the mountians stood tall over the landscape but the most ubeleivable thing was the overwhelming amount of magical signals it was like listening to loud noise.

" Do you get you use to it Ever?" I ask she looks not at all annoyed by it.

" In a moment time Neroze." Ever reassures me.

I take a good look around me there wasn't any beasties attacking us or even here at all.Where did they all go , they have to be here though because of the huge amounts of signals where being emitted.

" Its funny though last visit there was more signals." Ever mentions.

" If so they may have gone to earth or something here is killing them." Someone mentions.

" No because we would be able to tell the difference." I mutter Below us though we finally see our first beasties since comeing here. They see us and look terrified, I almost felt pity for them but i couldn't forgive them for the amounts that they killed on our planet. My body changes.

" Don't attack unless they do so." I order

The End

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