Lets get goingMature


Eternity left and the next guard didn't do anything but stand outside my cell. I created a fire ball and began bouncing it against the wall like a tennis ball.

"Will you stop that?" Growls the guard.

I look up at him.

"No" I say then begin messing with the fire.

The door is yanked open and he storms into the room. He grabs my wrist. I take advantage. I turn it so I get him in an arm lock on his knees.

"Now you wouldn't do that would you?" I say smiling. I kick out at his back.

"Come on" I say smiling. "Give me a workout... A challange"

The door suddenly opens. "Hey wanna take a trip down to the mystical realm?"

I smile at Neroze. Then I nod. "Deffinetly" I say. I kick the guard in the gut and skip over to Neroze.

He looks at the guard and shakes his head. "Somethings never change" He mutters.

The End

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