hitting the mystical realmMature


" How so sir?" Eternity asks

" The portal that appeared in the city , well it happened in several capitals around the world. They didn't have enough luck closing them. In fact several bases have been destroyed. Distruction on a massive scale. The lost order given my Centeral head quarters was if possible close the portals. If not infiltrate the realm and find out exactly what is going on down there." I say

" Don't tell me we are..."

" Yep we doing it and I know where to start. We going down through the ogers cave. Everyone is going. We getting a  but load of suppleis in about an hours time. I'm also releasing Ever since she had more experience on the otherside than any other person I know.If centeral doesn't like they're going to follow me into the belly of the beast." I say as I walk down the hall towards the holding cells.

" So let me guess we going to get packing?" Eternity says.

" Yup. Just make sure a few squardons stand gaurd while we do so." I say as we walk by a telephone. Eternity begins to start making calls organising this crazy thing.  I'm not exactly how long she been a Lt but I considering to promote her to captian , well after I see her in combat. 

I walk down to the jail cells where these gaurds salute me and I enter Ever's cell, " Hey wanna take a trip down to the mystical realm?"

The End

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