Another soldier came to replace me as Ever's guard.  I didn't want to leave her, but if I argued then I may get dragged into whatever was going on between Ever, Neroze and the authorities.  I did give her a smile before I left, trying to say I would come back later but I'm not sure she understood me.

I felt so much pressure on me now.  I was looking after Ivoria, and a great job I was doing with that too, and Neroze had put me in charge of training one of the Guardians, Hazel.  The reponsibility I had was weighing me down, I couldn't just think about myself anymore, I had to think about the people relying on me.

I sat at dinner with Ivoria and Hazel, eating the gunge they passed off as food, telling myself I needed to stay strong and healthy.

'You missed a great end to the battle Eternity, there were dragons!'  Ivoria seemed excited so I tried to share her enthusiasm, but for some reason I couldn't get excited.

'Dragons, really.'

'Yeah underneath the portal.  They started attacking after you'd left.'

'Oh.'  I wasn't sure what she was expecting from me.  We continued in silence.  I could feel something was wrong and my fears were confirmed when I felt Neroze's hand on my shoulder.

'I need to speak to you Eternity.  It's important.'  I left my tray and followed Neroze toward his office.

'How bad is it?'

'Bad.  It's really bad.'

The End

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