Go investigate while IMature


This Gaurdian had no idea she could Applie for the appointed test. Telepathic abilities are something that guardians don't usually have. Mean she had potential biomagic or extremely intuned with magic.  She followed tail as we organized ourselves. The appointed wanted a thorough investigation and I had problems back at headquarter so I wasn't going to partake with that.

" Hey , Ivoria your working with Aeris. You two are exploring these tunnels that these dragons have made. If you run into trouble fight and and get on the radio. Hopefully you capture one of the buggers." I order then turn around swiftly. 

Things where getting buggered rate up , large scaled portals opening in the middle of populated cities, and Ever showing up at such a time. I'm going to be faced with a nasty decision between Ever or being an appointed. Which or who did I care for more?  I get into one of the jeeps and drive back to headquarters it didn't take to long. As I enter it was much quiter everyone was busy doing something or other.  I get into the office it was time we started flyovers, solo investigation missions of strange occurence and well explore that cave that is full of ogers.  I get reach into a relatively empty filing cabinent and grab Evers file 

" What i'm I going to do?"  I say out loud. There wasn't much I could do , if i let her escape that will pretty much mean a life on the run. I know for sure she isn't guilty of the crimes and doesn't deserve to be jailed or anyother punishment. I walk down through the halls down towards the holding cells. Alright only one option and as stupid as it is , I might just have to go throuh with it.

The End

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