The sudden tremble in the earth shook our small group – a mix of Guardians and a few Appointed- and I screamed a little despite myself. Levi bit into the scruff of my shirt and jerked me sideways just as a large snout and set of claws emerged from the ground under us.

“Dragons!” I heard an Appointed yell as he transformed to being attacking them. Grabbing my spear, I calmed myself and tried remember some training from quite a while ago. Dragons are rare creatures, and it was unlikely that they’d attack us unprovoked, so we were never drilled to much on their extermination. Still, I knew that the most vulnerable area was right where the scales of their underbelly and the scales at the base of their long necks didn’t quite mesh. Swinging around, I stabbed viciously at a muddy colored dragon as Levi latched onto his back and gnawed on his wings. As the dragon fell, its strange bluish colored blood running down its front, I noticed a rather large dragon coming up to attack an already occupied Appointed – The shapeshifter… I believe I overheard his name was Neroze? Nodding to Levi, who already knew of my plan, we ran at it full speed. Levi reached him first and distracted him a bit while I came up from the side and landed a perfect blow at its weak point. The Appointed looked down at me (Hey, I’m short) then turned back to find anyone else who needed assistance.

“Hey, you could say thanks,” I said, slightly annoyed. I saved him from what could’ve been a pretty bad injury, hadn’t I? Neroze snorted.

“I don’t need the help of a Guardian. I got promoted to Appointed because I’m able to take care of myself in a fight,” he replied before taking off to help a Guardian who appeared to have broken his arm. Rolling my eyes, I turned to assist the comrade behind me.

It seemed like we had gotten rid of most of the dragons. There were only a few  still swatting at some of our more pathetic Guardians. Neroze was already calling over some Appointed to plan a meeting about this sudden attack. It simply wasn’t in the nature of dragons to do this.

“Hey, let me come with you!” I said, jogging over.

“Really, it’s not necessary. We don’t need a Guardian here.”

“I have a telepathic ability, so I’ve studied up a lot on different creatures in case I ever need to communicate with them,” I argued, staring right back into his fixed glare. Sighing, he turned waved his hand in a “come over” kind of gesture.

“Fine,” he said grudgingly, “But you better not just be a silly distraction. This is actually an important meeting.” Smiling at my small victory, I trudged along after him.

The End

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