I've always wanted to be the best I can, but sometimes it's hard. I had talked to Neroze and he said that I had to work with Eternity. I didn't mind training with her, but I think she didn't really enjoy the fact that I was going to be training with her.

"Hey Eternity," I flashed a smile in her direction, but all I got was a scowl, "Okay, well Neroze said that you were gonna help me with my fighting abilities and everything."

"Okay. We'll start right now if you've recovered from your little incident," she meant for those words to hurt, and they did, but I took it and just kept smiling like a complete idiot.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I recover fast and the nurse was nice and..." I stopped and simply said, "I'm good. We can start whenever you want to."

"Good. Now, show me what you've got," she smirked as she jumped into the air and landed behind me.

I tied my hair up and waited for her next move. I analyze her closely. She seemed to move at a steady pace. I dodged her every move, but I could tell that she was going easy on me, and by her rank I could tell that she was going, like, REALLY easy on me.

Then I decided that I was going to try something. I used my fire ability and heated myself up. I concentrated all my energy on the fire that burned within me.

Finally, Eternity did what I wanted her to do. She grabbed me by the arms and then she flinched back. I held my hands out and with all my will power, I let all the fire that I could right at her.

"WHOOSH!" and there was steam everywhere.

"Impressive," said Eternity, though I couldn't see her yet.

Suddenly the mist cleared out and Eternity was standing inches away from me, "Just work on the timing and everything. I don't mind if you hurt me, but get it right," she smiled and looked down at her hands, "Ima go get these taken care of. Meet me here again tomorrow morning. We have another lesson."

"Okay thanks," I said as I looked to see what time it was, "Wow, It's almost supper time. Ima wash up and then eat if that's okay with you Eternity," I smiled.

She smiled back and said, "That's fine, and good job today."

All of this seemed like a movie. How a new person is assigned someone new and then the teacher is all mad until the student pulls something off and then the mentor is all nice, except I pulled it off in one day.

I felt accomplished and my self confidence went up a bit, but that was all it took for me to feel good about the next battle.

The End

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