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Hazel walks into my office, I was hoping this wouldn't take long. Eternity went out and smiled at both of us.

" You wanted to see me sir?" Hazels asks

" Yes Hazel, I don't mean to be too critical today of your actions on the field , all the gaurdians where pathetic,  I'm not picking on you I'm actually see potential here but I'm going to transfer you too a less extreme squad, well not exactly you'll be reporting to eternity for a while okay. Whenever these attacks end I will be re-implementing the trainning sessions. I hope you have no problems with this Hazel. Better be getting back to current events.Thanks for visiting" I say. Hazel salutes and says yes and puts her head down and walks out of my office.

I walk out from behind my desk and navigate myself around my disorganised office. It was a welcoming invitation for a superior officer to go after me. I didn't care though being a colonel was hard to seperate proffesional lives and freindship lives. It was hard to have friends since I was in charge and all. The uninjured faction of our company was ready to go.

" Alright simple really get to the portal close it clean our the enemy. Your superior officers will get into it more strategical if need be." I make my little prep speech short and sweet as we head into the city.  We reached the portal and several gaurdians already charged forwards getting themself stuck on goblin weapons.

" Ouch." 

Suddenly before my eyes I see Ever she closed the portal single handedly and our forces cleared the battle field.  Why did she show herself? I really didn't want to arrest her but I really don't want to be thrown into that mess more than I have already thrown in. I got her out and here she was asking to be put in agian.  I fight a few seconds along side then arrest.I give a sorry look in my eyes.

" I'll have to arrest you."  Then go through the rest of the B.S that command wants me to believe and hand her off to Eternity who drives off with Ever. I'm going to have to deal with that later. Not fun.    A familiar face walks up I remember reading a report youngest to ever become appointed I think Ivoria was her name. She walked up.

" That was all to easy , sir."  She says.

" You got that right."  I mutter as my eyes change once agian searching for traces of goblins. I had a feeling the goblins where a distraction.   A guardian with a large dog also gathers around with a facial expression saying that was definetly too easy.The ground begins to shake and fires begin to erupt.

" Dragons , they're under the ground somehow."  I comment

The ground erupts with a large maw of teeth snapping underneath us. My right arm instantly changes to a large canon that shoots burst of blue energy.  I get a direct hit in its mouth it turns around and lurks underneath the city.more dragons shoot out of the grounds.

" Its not done by far." I growl my body changing into the metallic creature surrounded by a blue flame like energy.

The End

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