Stop and CellMature


They stopped the truck for a while but the appointed came back quickly. "Okay, I've got it sorted... Go!"

"Great closer to the prison cell" I say sarcastically. The appointed looks at me sympathetically.

"Oh, forgot to say the name's Eternity" she says.

"Oh my god seriously" I begin laughing.

"Whats so funny?" she asks raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing our names are so close. I knew someway they'd replace me.... You better have the skill girl" I say smiling at her.

She blushes then smiles back.

The truck stops. A blind fold is tied on with a 'sorry' mumbled from Eternity. Then its taken away and I'm in a locked room with Eternity.

"Why were you framed?" she asks.

"Neroze never told you" I say smiling cheekily. I cross my legs in the air and float.

Eternity tries it but its slightly harder for her. "Channel the air energy down through your body" I say.

She does it and she floats to my height.

"What didn't he tell me?" she says.

"Me and Neroze trained together..... but I was in head for the rank he has now" I say. Eternity gawks shocked.

"Are you saying it was him?" she gasps.

"No" I shout shocked. "Neroze was my best friend. He had gain but he respected all five of the..... of the appointed killed"

"Was?" She says noting the past tense. I sigh.

"I don't know if he still sees me that way.... I still remember the look on his face when all the evidence lead to me"

"So he didn't believe you?"

"Neroze was the one who let me escape" I say shocked.

The End

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