Welcome to your first battleMature


I liked Ivoria.  She was so young and dispite having so much reponsibility on her shoulders she seemed completely untroubled.

'We're off to try and close a portal.  We need all the Appointed we can find.  Are you ready to join the troops?'

'You bet.'  She said and ran off without me.  I could still run as fast as her even though I was so much older, I wasn't past it yet.  We got to the loading bay where the troops were in their trucks ready to go.  I grabbed a sword from the rack in the armoury before I left.  I liked swords, they were heroic.  Of course I had my father's knife in the top of one of my boots and a pistol strapped to my other leg so I was hardly short of weapons.

I jump in the back of the first truck with Ivoria where Neroze was waiting for us.

'I got her,' I said as I swung myself into the vehicle which had already started to move.

'Great, we need to get there as fast as possible.'  Neroze was in his full battle kit, his long jacket and a pistol in his belt.

It only took us moments to get the site of the portal.  I was out of the truck first, Neroze and Ivoria beside me.  I was going to say something motivational before the fighting started but unfortunately the goblins were already heading for an attack, so I drew my sword and led the charge into battle.

To be fair to the troops, we were doing quite well, we were only struggling with closing the portal.  Then out of the blue a girl appeared and closed it.  Neroze was by her side in an instant, he was getting his handcuffs out of his back pocket.

'Seriously though you shouldn't be here Ever.  I..... I'll have to arrest you'

'That you do sir.'  As I got closer I recognised the girl, Ever Lake, who had been blamed for the murder of five of the Appointed.

'Ever Lake, you will be taken into custody for murder of five appointed.'  Neroze did the usual spiel as he handcuffed her and handed her to me.  I led her off towards one of the trucks.  I needed to get her back and into a cell before the rest of the troops got back.  As the truck began to pull away from the battlefield I smiled at Ever.

'If it's any consolation, I don't think you did it.'

'Really and why's that,' she said with real venom.

'You don't seem the type.'  She snorted at that.  'And there were a lot more people who benefited from the death of those Appointed.  You didn't have anything to gain from their deaths, so why would you kill them?'

'Tell that to the judge.'  She rolled her eyes and slumped back against the wall of the truck.

'Shit.'  I realised something.  'I've forgotten Ivoria!'

The End

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