Just cause I'm the youngestMature


"That'll do, stop it," I say, pushing away the doctor trying to get me to lie down again. I wasn't injured, I just want to get out of here. I stand up and walk out, manipulating the air around me to keep people away. It's annoying, just because I'm the youngest appointed in history, everyone seems to treat me like a child. Which I am not. I pull the slim black mobile from my pocket and speed dial a number, pressing it to my ear.

"Hello? It's Ivoria. Eternity, where the heck are you? Okay, wait for me, I'll be two minutes," I say, then hang up. Specializing in air is handy when you need to get places fast. I join Eternity at two minutes exactly. She looks down at me, being eight years older, and smirks slightly.

"Very punctual today, Ivoria," she says smiling.

"Yes. Where are we going?" I ask, resting my hands on my two swords, one of which has a moonstone blade, the other hematite, both spelled not to shatter. I hate guns.

The End

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