I'm perched on the bell tower watching the portal open up. "Hmm" I say. "Too big"

I'm about to leave when the guardians arrive. I curse... Appointed as well. I hate them..... I mean once I had the chance to become one but..... lets just say I got framed.

Goblins tumble out of the portal. Ouch, gonna be hard to clean this one up.... about 3 mile radius there going to have to wipe.

Well, this might be fun to watch. I hear Panicking thoughts from newbies. Peh.

I hate having slight telepathy. I mean all I can do is hear there thoughts the rest of my magic is targetted into Elemental.

Water and Earth are my favorites....... Fire and Air can be usefull.

I watch as they begin to force the Golbins down. Someone runs in to seel up the portal and Ouch.

The goblin throws him off the spear. I sigh.

"Okay, I am so gonna regret this" I jump down making sure to use the air to soften my landing. I notice Neroze across the area and find my self upset.

I run over to the portal and seel it kick three Goblins back through in the prosses. I turn to leave and...

"Oh" I mutter looking up at Neroze.

"What are you doing here?" He stabs out behind me and I flinch quickly realising there was a goblin.

"Um, I supose I cant say traveling" I say then slip down through the earth up behind him kicking the Goblin in the chest.

Neroze turns smiling but only Slightly.

"Something never change" he says.

"Yeah, I'm still watching your back" I click my fingers getting vines to drag the struggling goblin down into the earth.

"Seriously though you shouldn't be here Ever" he says looking worried. "I..... I'll have to arrest you"

"That you do sir" Says another appointed coming up. Shoot didn't notice that the battle was spreading and dieing out.

I flinch and Neroze sighs. "Ever Lake, you will be taken into custody for murder of five appointed" He says twisting me round to cuff my wrists behind my back.

"Wow, I have special one's joy" I say sarcastically. "I didn't even do anything..... Not while working as a guardian anyway..... Why the hell are you acting like a police officer?"

I look at Neroze. "Please, I might be able to help you if you co-operate"

"Fine" I mumble. Then the other appointed leads me off. I look back at Neroze sadly to find him watching me before going off to fight again.

One word..... Shit

The End

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