A few phonecalls laterMature


There was a knock on the office door and a nervous face appeared around it.

'You wanted to see me sir.'

'Yes Hazel, come in.'  Neroze was sitting at his desk surrounded by so much paper that you could have created a swimming pool out of it.

'I'll be going then.  I'll let you know when all divisions are notified and ready for battle.'  I gave the customary inclination of the head before giving both Neroze and Hazel a warm smile as I exited.

Now all I had to do was find a phone, no easy task in an HQ like this one where everything we had went to the upkeep and survival of the troops.  Luckily I found one at the hospital front desk.

I got out my list of Appointed and began to dial.  Twenty calls later and I had some bad news for Neroze.  Two of the Appointed had been killed in a skirmish a few miles away from our base along with most of their troops, the other divisions still had their leaders but their numbers of Guardians were unusually low.

The mystical world was planning something.  There was no way that any of this wasn't organised.  I gave the phone back to the receptionist and marched back towards Neroze's office.  I knocked before entering.

'Well, what's the news?'  Hazel was still there sitting in the chair on the opposite side of the desk to Neroze.

'We have lost two Appointed leaders and the current level of Guardians is scarily low.  I'm worried Neroze.'  I forgot protocol for the moment, now I was appealing to him as a friend not as my superior.  'Something out there is organising these attacks, they are weakening us so they can break through I'm sure of it.'

'Well we'll just have to stop them won't we Eternity.  Are the others ready for action?'  We slipped back in to our proffesional roles almost seamlessly.  One of those rare moments was gone.

'Yes, everyone is waiting for your command before they launch an attack.'

'Perfect.  Get your weapons leiutenant.  We're at war.'

The End

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