This is our corner of earth , we look after itMature

I step out of the hospital  Eternity looked a bit worried about the future fights.

" Don't worry they rarely do the attacking. That cave though its got more than ogers in it. Perhaps they're might be a portal there. But who knows how long that cave stretches into the earth?"   I say.

" Getting down to todays report sir 10 died their rest of the brigade you brought down there won't be in action for a few days leaving a huge gaping hole in the rosters for nearly a week.  We need more recruits for the 10 who died."  Eternity says.

"  Agreed. Maybe all missions accopanied by two at the least or more Appointed. Man either this corner of the earth has enemeis that are two much for the guardians. Actually reading reports from other units things are getting worse more portals , stronger enemies. They are only so much people who are Appointed there isn't enough." I trailed off agian.Someone runs through the hallways with a look of urgence on his face.

" Sir  Gaurdians posted in the city are reporting a large scale intrusion inside the city they believe a portals opened up. Inhabitants are panicing."

" Just utterly fantastic." I mumble I really perffered to be a a captian or a major loads of freedom, enough respect, and most of all your not responisble for whole entire company of men , and women.

"fill a helicopter with memory solution, now!" I say to the lance corporal , then turn to eternity. " Get to all of the Appointed  tell them to get they're squads we are closing that portal."

The End

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