Hospital WingMature


I sat quietly in the office at headquaters waiting patiently for my next set of orders.  My colonel, Neroze, was out on a raid, a cave full of ogres he had said, so I was incharge until he got back.

I practised creating a small ball of flame on my fingertips, making it grow then suddenly going out.  I knew I shouldn't be doing that, it was a waste of my strength, but I had only recently discovered the extent of my powers.  The door flew open and Neroze was standing in the doorway.

'We're back.  Come to the hospital ward with me we need to take note of the injured.'  I grabbed the list of soldiers from the desk and followed him towards the wards.

'How many did we lose?'

'We've had seven physical injuries and ten cases of severe trauma.  We're waiting for the doctors to check them over before we decide if they are fit to return to duty.

The bed in the hospital wing of HQ were bursting, as they always were after any kind of engagement with an enemy.  The few doctors we had were rushing around seeing to the physical injuries.  The soldiers with mental trauma were the ones sitting silently on their beds.  One of the doctors, Clay, came over to us.

'What news on the recent casualties Doc?'  Neroze was led by the doctor around the patient's beds, listening intently to what we were told about the health of each one. 

There were five who wouldn't be able to be back on the field within the next few months, a few of the trauma cases would need a couple of weeks but most of our soldiers would be ready to fight within the next few days.  I only hoped we didn't suffer a full scale attack before our forces were at least a little stronger.

The End

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