Not many are part of the appointed. The appointed being an ancient group that searches out the monster , demons , dragons, mythical creatures. Depending on the creature they either kill them or bring them to a peaceful micro universer. Problem is that portals all over the world are leting these being into our world where they do not belong and destroy terrify people. Two be appointed one you must carry biomagic and only 11 percent of the world carries that.


"Alright you guardian hold your damm gun better Ogers are fast, agile , and intelligent. Holding your gun like a television remote is going to get you killed." I order the new gaurdian around.  I stood a good 6 inches taller then this new gaurdian.

" Yes sir." He responds to my intimdation.

The team of gaurdians moves ahead of me with there bloody flashlights on. The cave was perfect for ogers , and other dark creatures it had this certain resonation of magic that only few humans could feel. Humans are so out of tune of magic its ridicoulous , it came to the point that people who are in tune with magic need to protect them from magic.  I hear sounds, us hunters where becoming the hunted. 

" Stop!  Bring your self into defensive positions!" I order the guardians. They do exactly as they are told. My eyes go from a normal blue human eyes and change to an evil ominouse orange that glows in the dark with slit pupils.   The darkness becomes light and I can see traces of magic particles. I looked up they where all above us.

" They are aboves get the spotlights up then open fire!"  I bark the orders.

A tendancy with guardians which are human beings with a good perception of magic, some having skills with magic but they are always afraid especially of the appointed. I jump up the wall of the cave and grab the first oger and bring him down.  It escapes my grasp and fire begins to cover its body.

" Your not the only one who can manipulate their body punk." I spit at him. My body begins to glow blue and strips of metal cover it, and a blue energy begins to look like flame around me. The  Oger punchs forwards only to be fired backwards. I charge forward my hand becomes like a blade slices the beast in half. As it dies it disapears in a burst of light.  

" One for me!" I say as the gaurdians struggle with ogers. A few screams of terror tell me  they are not winning.

I speed through the rocks and stalagmites and such cutting the orgers killing most of them thay all take notice that I'm bringing the fight and gaurdians aren't even as tasty as I'am. Soon i'm surrounded. 

"  You shall all be brought down to your demise." I say and plant my hands into the ground flaming metal spikes impaling them all. 

" Done lets head back to headquarters. How many casualties?" I ask

" 15 dead, sir ,7 injured ,10 shocked but unscathed!" A voice reports. 

" Man has gaurdian training slacked down? I never hear such numbers when fighting ogers." My body shifts back to human form, " Alright start bringing the wounded out first give them medical attention. The dead will be brought up afterwards. If we come under attack forget the dead. Understand?!" I say

" Yes sir."

The End

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