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Chapter Twenty-three
Rhian; Nyxie
Word count: 434

I heard a scratching behind me. Hoping it wasn’t a daemon, I turned slowly. This could be dangerous, I was young and unprotected, never having encountered one; but there was nothing I could do, with my wing being torn.

It was only Cheche, the red squirrel that followed me.

I knew I should be getting back home, but I couldn’t disappoint the children and we needed some food desperately.

The children had requested I go to their homes and find their dolls, which meant a long trip around the city. Also little Harry needed proper milk, and with Katy-Mai in charge, I wondered how they managed.

I finally got to Jericho, the last few stops, in the houses of Ben, Maisie and Dilly. Plus a search for food. There was a little corner shop. Co-op I think.  Anyway, I hadn’t already been broken into and I managed to salvage quite a lot. There was fruit and ice cream and a little bit of meat. I found one loaf of bread which was still intact. That would probably be the last. I would need to learn to make bread.

A short trip to the three houses and I made my way home – Dalton Barracks, just outside Abingdon. A forgotten army base, unused because of recent happenings, many of them had died, others fled. Now, I used it as a camp, to protect the children I had found wandering the area after their parents had been crushed or befallen some other fatal incident.

Entering the camp, I was attacked by several small children.

‘Rhee! Rhee!’ they screamed. I must say, I did have a way with children.  I handed out toys to the children who I had retrieved them for, and started off for the central area of the camp – base.

‘Hi Jake. Any updates?’ I called casually as I entered our underground control room. Our base was high tech, considering there were three adults among our group. Jake was a thin, geeky boy but amazing with technology and could make anything out of a saucepan, a computer mouse and a placemat. He really was extraordinary.

‘Yeah, spotted some Red’s in North Oxford earlier. They’re gone now but we need to watch out. Don’t want them endangering the little’uns’

‘Good, thanks. Need to see Kat now. Keep up your amazing surveillance!’  

I found Katy-Mai in her tent with Sophia.

‘How was it? Had fun?’

‘Please don’t go off again for a while!’

‘Okay dearie. Don’t stay up too late. Oh! And I got you some chocolate to say thank you. Aero – your favourite!’

The End

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