Chapter Twenty
Zoe then Azazel; Cat_Monty
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Okay, at first I thought I was imagining it” Zoe began, pulling Azazel's attention away from the car choked, rubble covered road before them. They were slowly leaving Brooklyn to enter the city. Azazel thought it was a stupid plan when Zoe suggested it. But she wanted to find other people, needed reassurance she and Azazel weren’t the last left.

Hmm?” Azazel murmured, his expression one of disinterest. An expressions, Zoe was realising, he wore most of the time. She couldn't decide if it bothered how emotionless he sometimes appeared, maybe in this kind of situation that's just a way of coping. Of course Zoe was beginning to suspect Azazel wasn't being entirely truthful about who he was.

You have horns, tiny ones. Usually your hair can hide them. But today's so windy” Zoe said, hoping Azazel wouldn't say she was crazy like she thought she might be. And as if the weather was trained on her every word a gust blasted down the street, causing Azazel's black hair to flatten momentarily, revealing small, pointy horns a darker shade than Azazel hair. Then as the wind died down it bounced back into it's normal, wild shape. Azazel pursed his lips as if he was mulling over options before letting out a surrendering sigh.

You know, you were the one who never asked me if I was human, right?” He said with a small shrug, as if that justified the deceitfulness.

Also” he began, a small smile tugging his lips, “You suspected the first moment you met me I was different – so really, I can't be blamed”.

Yes, because it would've sounded sane to say, 'Oh, you don't look very human to me'!” Zoe yelled, a low growl of frustration vibrating from her throat. The sound seemed to take Azazel by surprise.

First, you need to calm down” Azazel said, a mix of amusement and concern on his face, “Second, in case you didn't realise, Angels are flying down from the highest levels of heaven. And daemons are climbing up from the bowels of this earth” Azazel finished. Zoe made a small “o” with her mouth. Then another thought sparked into life and her eyebrows slanted down suspiciously.

So which are you?” She asked, steeping away without conscious effort.

You need to ask? I thought all humans knew that horns equalled daemon” Azazel replied, annoyance flickering into his tone as he did. Zoe contemplated her next question carefully. Part of her knew it was insensitive to ask. Afterall he'd been nothing but kind, albeit a bit odd, to her.

Am I safe around you?” she asked, and she saw the hurt cross his face. But it was only there for an instant before the emotionless mask was back. Strange, she hadn't even noticed it was gone. She wondered if that was because of the odd familiarity she felt around him.

Zoe...I would never hurt you” He replied before putting one foot in front of the other. His voice straining slightly as he spoke. He hates this she realised. He hates being a daemon.


Just keep walking, Azazel told himself, You'll know if she believes you if she chooses to follow. The sound of her padded footsteps reached his ear, and against his normal instinct he turned to face her, a look of shock and confusion mixing on his face. She'd closed quite a bit of distance and she hadn't noticed he'd stopped until he was right in front of him. She jumped a little in shock, but didn't step back. Azazel didn't doubt that simple act took courage. He could tell by her smell and the slight shiver of her body that she was scared, but her face hinted at curiosity.

Azazel had never met a human who would willing follow a daemon. He couldn't figure out if Zoe was crazy or brave.

Or maybe she's just being smart...Using you.

the darker part of his mind whispered. The part that's always trying to make his hate humans. He shook his head, he wasn't going to give in.

Sooo, just tiny horns?” She asked, her hands playing with the sleeves of her pale blue hoodie as she spoke. The nervous habit reminded Azazel of someone he hadn't thought about in a long time. He let out a small laugh at her, trying not to take offence to the “tiny” part.

Horns are based on the amount of demonic blood you have and how powerful you are” He explained. She looked surprised, had she expected him to ignore her questions?

Most of my blood is human” He continued, she waited for more, but he wasn't going to go into detail with someone he'd just met. He turned his back on her and kept walking, waiting for the expectant sound of shock. Sure enough a small squeak escaped her mouth.

Yeah, more than just horns” Azazel said, his thin, black, whip-like tail flicking behind him. The sharp tip similar to the spade on a pack of cards.

Author's note: Hope it's okay that I came up with a reasoning behind horns :)

The End

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