The Daemon PrinceMature

Chapter 19

Belial the Dark Emissary, Lilley

Word Count:1005

'Ssssire,' whispered his tiny minion from the end of his hall. His words dripping with a sibilitic hiss that seemed to reverberate around the grand stone structure, ringing through the thousands of hollow skulls that hung from the ceiling on crisp strips of flayed skin. Belial kept his eyes closed but raised his hand, summoning the small twisted daemon towards his throne. Belial watched through his mind’s eye the thousands of caverns and pits of Hell, from the River Styx to the Pits of Tartarus, billions of screaming souls bathing in fire in punishment for their sins on Earth. Every soul sheparded by legion upon legion of daemon underlings. Belial delighted in looking through the pits every few generations. But greater events were about to unfold beneath his hands, and if the Dark Emissary wished the rise to his full height of power, timing, preparation and a well planned strategy must be in place. 'My masssster,' bowed his minion at the foot of the three tiered dais. 'I live to sssserve you.'

'How goes our plans minion?' asked the powerful daemon prince. His eyes remaining closed so he could continue to scan the screaming souls, watch his daemon underlings feast upon their flesh as it seared in the crackling yellow flames.

'The other commandersss bow to you my massster,' grinned his minion. 'Lucifer hasss given you complete control over the firssst wave of our kind to enter the human realm. Our ssscoutsss already report sssightingsss of Angelsss in the human realm.'

'It makes no matter,' barked Belial altering his weight in his stone throne. 'So I am now commander of all sixty six legions of our daemon brethren?'

'Yesss my massster,' whispered the weak little minion. 'It ssseems Asssteroth can be mossst persssuasssive.' Belial cracked his eyes open, his minion jumped at the sudden sharp movement, hitting the ground in a worshipful bow. Forehead touching the floor, arms lain straight out before him.

'You have no right to use my masters name minion!' barked Belial. His fury a black thunder cloud in his mind, spreading outwards in all directions until it hit the minion making his body twitch and shudder. 'I could kill you for such an impertinent act of impudence!'

'Forgive me my massster, I wasss only,' whimpered the now smoking servant, his black cloth robes singing off his flesh.

'Only what!? Weakling!' settling the anger inside him Belial sat back into his throne, leaving the naked, burned and cowering minion on the floor. 'Now that you have learnt your man daemons do we have in the human realm?'

'Only a hundred sssire. But...'

'But what?' asked Belial tweaking an eyebrow. The minion shuddered on the floor.

'Agaton my massster...he hasss moved into the realm...' Belial felt his true form bubble up against his flesh, the thousands of souls that gave him life screaming to break free from his skin as the darkness of his soul swallowed them all one by one in order to gain their powers. Looking to the thousands of skulls that hung from the dried skin of their flayed bodies Belial blew gently into the air, making a huge gust of wind sweep through the cavern that was his temple. As the skulls of men and women, angel and daemon alike, clacked together deep resonating rings clunked through them. The sound like that on one of the most beautiful wind chimes every created by immortal hands. Belial could name each one. He remembered each of their faces, before he he cut from the bone of course. The flayed skulls of the daemon prince were famed throughout the daemons in Hell; they knew if any were to anger him, their skull would join the thousands of others. Agaton's skull would take pride of place above my throne...Mused Belial letting his mind wander slightly at the thought.

'When?' the word was simple. Yet chilled the minion to the bone.

'Over thirteen hoursss ago my massster.' cracking his neck Belial felt his wings and horns press painfully against his bones, but it was a wonderful pain, a glorious, powerful pain.

'And you saw fit to tell me this now? Centuries of planning with my master, centuries of careful preparations and you saw fit to tell me this NOW!' boomed Belial making the skulls swing on their strips of flesh, back and forth, back and forth like wonderful twisted pendulums. 'This foolish boy could ruin everything!' sighing Belial stood and stopped before the quivering minion. 'Rise. I apologise.' muttered Belial rubbing a hand down the minions face as he sat up on his knees, his black claw like nails scratching thin red lines of blood down his pale knotted flesh. ' should have come sooner, I will not kill you...but you will children are sleeping. We cannot wake them now...can we?' Reaching into his mouth Belial grabbed his fleshy snakelike tongue and ripped it from its fleshy mourings , blood filled the minions mouth as he wept in pain. 'Feast my children.' Red tails flicked from the skulls as his children woke from their slumber within their depths. Soon tiny red daemons crawled across every way, black orb like eyes flashing with malice as they saw the mumbling minion.

Something had to be done. Agaton could ruin everything! Asteroth must be told...but Belial had to act now! Releasing his daemon form his ram like horns grew from the side of his head and thick black shadows crawled across the floor and covered him completely, shadows cowling his head sept for the jet black horns. With a roar his huge bat like wings flicked from his spine and he lunged into the air, plunging between realms until his sacred feet touched grassy earth. The green foliage dying instantly at his touch, the trees around him withered and died, their leaves turning brown and falling to the earth around him in a large circle. Agaton must be found! He boomed, leaping into the cold night air

The End

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