Saving an AngelMature

Chapter Fourteen

Tazereal; TheBear73

Word Count: 751

                The power flowing through his veins was amazing; he hadn’t ever felt like this. Even before he left his wings in heaven and head for this forsaken world, and Tazereal wasn’t about to give it up. Killing those daemons had awakened the deep hatred that ran deep in his core, and he was out to find more and really test his new found powers. Doing a barrel roll, he couldn’t help but laugh, he felt like a child. It had been so long since he had seen the ground far beneath his feet and the wind rushing through his hair.

                The last time he had “flown” was WWII in his P-51. He had 41 kills during his time in Europe, although after earning his third Ace he quite turning in confirmed kills. He even considered fighting in Vietnam but then realized the Air Force commander was his old wingman; that would have been interesting explaining why he hadn’t aged a day in 25 years.

                Gliding over the city lazily, he looked for daemons, but he couldn’t spot any. Taz knew that they should be crawling all over the city by now. There, he saw a string of daemons running in the same direction. Let’s see what they are chasing down. Quickening his pace, he dived on their position, swooping down an alley that was filled with them. At the end, he watched as a girl with long blonde hair was tossed off the debris pile into the masses. Figuring he should at least help the poor girl, the blood angel dropped right into the same position as the girl had landed, spinning and cutting of the heads of the daemons in the immediate area.

                The daemons were stunned; they had not been expecting this. Looking to make sure the girl was still alive; she was cut, bruised, and unconscious, but otherwise alive. “KILL HIM!” roared an especially ugly daemon with goat’s eyes. Taz shot a bullet of blood through his forehead. The daemons swarmed him like a horde of locus. Forming short swords in his hands from the blood of the fallen daemons, he attacked. Slicing forward with his swords, and lashing out with his wings; there was a circle where the daemons started piling up. He would spin and twist, hack and slash. Taking an arm here, decapitating there, and he was fairly certain he was disemboweling behind him.

                The young girl was still unconscious at his feet, he was stepping over and around her, and the bodies were starting to pile up. Eventually he had had enough, summoning his power within himself he sent out spears of blood impaling every daemon in the alley that was left alive between the eyes.

                Just as he was retracting his powers, the girl started to stir. She looked around her at the mound of daemons around her. They were piled almost 5 ft deep; Taz was pretty proud of himself. He hadn’t had this much fun since he stopped Hades from launching an invasion almost 3,000 years ago. Horror flooded the girls face. Screaming, she unfurled the most gorgeous set of white wings he had ever seen. Trying to flap her scream went from horror to pain as she fell against Taz’s chest. “Well, I see your fine.” He spread his wings getting ready to fly away.

                “Wait, please, don’t leave me here,” she pleaded to him.

                “You’re an angel, what do you need me for.” He responded like it meant nothing to him.

                “I can’t fly for some reason,” tears rolling down her face. “Please take me out of this horrible place. I beg you.”

                “I saved you, what more could you possibly need.” Rolling his eyes, “What, you want a safe place to stay, food to eat, and water to drink?” She dropped her head to her chest. “Ugh, fine.” Slipping his arm under her and her wings, he lifted off. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his chest. He could feel her tears seeping through his shirt.

                “Thank you,” he heard her mumble.

                Normally he wouldn’t have thought about picking anyone up and carrying them to safety, but there was something special this angel. He flew back to his hideaway; a small underground tunnel with a steel door on it. Before landing he flew over the area a few times to make sure there were no daemons around. Landing, he quickly opened the door and pulled the un-named angel inside; away from prying eyes.

The End

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