Dawn's awakeningMature

Chapter Sixteen

Dawn; Sei-chan25

Word Count: 664

Dawn sat up, coughing up dirt and grime. Death and destruction lay all around her, bodies and rubble covering the streets. The stench of daemons was everywhere, it made her gag. It made her heart sick to think of all the innocent lives lost in this horrid time.

She remembered being hit in the middle of her back, knocked out of the air, landing on the cement with a thud before passing out. The world had been shaking, falling apart, people screaming. Was this all that was left? Dead bodies and fallen buildings?

She pushed herself to her feet, she had to get back, the angels would be missing her. At least, she hoped they would. Spreading her wings to take to the sky, she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. No bones were broken, that was for sure, but it hurt to move. She must have sprained something, torn something. She was stuck on the ground for now.

She suddenly felt vunerable. If she needed to get away fast, she couldn't, she could be trapped easier now. She didn't like it. Finding a safe place was her only choice.

Her wings vanished into her back, she would be safer if no one could see them. She moved through the rubble with careful attention, avoiding stepping on some poor person's body the best she could. All of those people, dead. It wasn't fair to them, they hadn't done anything wrong. She just wanted everything back to normal, for the sun to shine as brightly as it once did. It was too dark, too depressing.

She could hear the daemons as they moved through the rubble, their eyes watching her, she could feel it. She wanted to fly away, to escape their gaze. She was helpless against them, she was no fighter. They would tear her apart.

Stay calm. Stay calm, don't run. She told herself, easing her breathing. If she was lucky they would just go away.

She wasn't lucky. They kept following her, more and more of them appearing. The gates were open. They were escaping to Earth.

Dawn let her instincts take over, bolting at a full run down the ruined street, weaving between bodies. Don't look back, don't look back... She could hear them following her, gaining on her. She wished her wing was ok, then she could just escape.

"Wait up, little angel, we just want to play!" One of them taunted behind her, a wicked laugh slicing through the silence of the fallen city. They knew the territory better than she did, she knew it.

A deamon dropped out of no where in front of her, forcing her to turn and run a different way. They were trying to corner her. They were chasing her straight into an old ally way, the buildings on either side broken and battered from the earthquakes.

The end was blocked by a pile of broken glass and concrete, a tower that had fallen. The daemons were closing in behind her. She could try and get over it, but who knows how stable it was. She could get to the top and have it cave in on her, then what?

Looking behind her at the approaching daemons she decided she would take a cave in. Reaching up, she started climbing, stumbling and tripping, the shards of glass cutting her hands. She had a chance.

A wide eyed deamons appeared at the top of the pile, a wicked smile on his lips. "Hello there." He laughed, a bright, crazy laugh that made Dawn's blood run cold. She was done for, no way to escape now.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she looked up into his face, scared for the first time in her life. The daemon picked her up as she fought him, kicking and screaming. He threw her down to the crowd waiting at the bottom. She shut her eyes as they caught her, just wishing it would be over soon.

The End

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