Stranger on the windowsillMature

Chapter Thirteen

Azazel then Zoe; Cat_Monty

Word Count: 644

Azazel was woken up by the sound of nearby sirens. A half-hearted whine escaped his lips before he stood up and went to the roof, overseeing the empty, blood-stained streets below. Finally with a sigh he left the building in search of others. Though who he wasn't sure. He thought he could handle being on his own, but the human part of him – his weakness – made him crave company.

He walked to where he thought the angel had landed to find only the smallest hints of disturbed concrete. Easy to miss when the ground is uprooted already by all the earthquakes and tremors deep below. He continued to wander aimlessly, following his keener senses. Then he heard it again, it was a different girl he could tell. But the cries of sorrow were the same.

The sound was emanating from a nearby building. The windows were all smashed, the shards of glass littering the ground he walked on. Without much thought he jumped to the nearest window ledge, and continued climbing. Hearing the sobs grow closer.


Zoe knew this was pointless. She needed to stop shaking. She needed to stop the tears from burning down her face and onto her ripped jeans. She needed to leave this place, there was nothing she could do anymore now that his body had grown cold. With a final sniff she stood up, moving bits of rumble as she did. The wall between the living room and bedroom has fallen down, crushing him. She was on the other side of that wall. It could have just as easily been her who cried out as her body failed under the immense pressure and weight.

Her sombre thoughts were interrupted by the sound of shuffling outside. She glanced at the blown out window where it originated and felt her stomach twist. Half of her wanted to look over the edge, the other wanted to hide. Everything had changed and she had no idea how she was supposed to function. The red light from the crimson sky was blotted out by a man. Strong senses she never knew existed screamed at her that he wasn't ordinary, wasn't safe. She didn't realise she was backing away until she felt the cool, painted-white surface behind her. There was an uneasy silence as the two stood there. Simply studying the other. Zoe took in his dark, messy curls and pallid skin. But the feature she couldn't pull her bright cyan eyes away from was his fathomless, opaque eyes.

Hey” He said, his expression unchanging as he watched for her reaction. Waiting for her muscles to unclench.

Hi” she replied after a few seconds, her eyes switching back and forth from suspicious and narrowed to curious and wide as she tried to decide weather this stranger was a risk.

You could just ask me if I'm dangerous” he said. She fought back the urge to gulp. The stranger laughed, a rich sound that startled her.

I heard you crying, thought you might want my help” He said with a shrug, “I'll leave if you want” he finished, turning his back to her.

No!” she yelled, her hand reaching and twisting the back of his shirt. Zoe quickly released him, looking at the floor in embarrassment. Not believing what she had done. Wanting to scold her silly impulsiveness. A small smile tugged his lips.

No need to yell, I'll stay” he said, smugness dripping from his words.

Don't get cocky” She said with pursed lips, before looking at the pile of bricks and the calloused hand reaching out from beneath them.

I need help, I won't just leave him like this. I want to bury him” She said. She half-expected this stranger to laugh at her but instead he silently began lifting the bricks.

The End

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