The Dark TraitorMature

Chapter 5

Lottie; TheGirlInTheCupboard

Word Count: 564

There was a thick, sour tension amongst her fellow angels, as they baited their collective breath. From the bottom of her loveless heart, Lottie knew every last drop of that tension was about to be spat, jabbed, and thrust at her, regardless of her message.

Straight from the office of an outrageously collected Uriel, Lottie approached the small grumbling crowd. She may as well have been facing into the anticipated eye of a hurricane.

She came to a halt at the front of the group, wearing a look of expectancy. She was greatly smaller than any of the others, and although they knew that she certainly was not to be messed with, she was often very easily overlooked.

"Excuse me," she called. A few angels towards the front paid her a short glance, a look of disregard crossing their faces as they ignored her. Had Lottie the ability to generate any kind of strong emotion, rage would have boiled right to the surface. Instead, she slowly shook her head, and yelled - "Excuse me!"

The babbling faded out slowly. Lottie realized she had the attention of at least one third of the group.

"I'm sure you are all aware of our current situation. If anybody needs a crash course, please speak now."

The group was silent now. They were listening because they knew she had information. It doesn't stop those hateful, judging eyes, however, she thought.

"Okay. It has been decided that it is time we intervened."

"Decided by who?" demanded a tall, blonde-haired angel in the front row.

Lottie gave the angel a look, hoping to communicate how little she thought of her question.

"Concensus," Lottie said, pronouncing carefully each syllable, as though she thought she girl was deaf or simple.

"I don't believe you," the girl said, folding her arms defiantly.

A tiny flicker of anger now. Lottie folded her arms also, now speaking directly to the blonde angel. "Then do tell me what it is you do believe."

"I believe," the girl said, glancing at those around her for support, "that the Dark Traitor is at it again. How do we know she isn't planning on getting herself a new daemon boy toy once we get down there? Or maybe even meet up with her old lover?"

Wings twitching in frustration, anger fluttering again. Lottie kept it down. She doesn't know. She doesn't understand. She is but a clueless creature, unworthy of the sweet-as-pie tasks set out for her. While I'm dishing out sorrow and heartbreak, she's releasing butterflies of liberty, planting roses of bliss -

There were mumblings of agreement for the blonde angel throughout the group.

Lottie stared down as many of them that would make eye contact with her. "Those of you who agree with Blondie here, feel free to stay here and sit around sipping ambrosia and watching everything fall apart. See if I care. Those of you who want to come, we shall set out for the realm gate."

And without looking back, for fear that nobody would follow. Even as she stepped foot onto the path and set off towards the realm gate, she kept her head high, her eyes straight ahead.

If anyone followed, great. At least someone believed in her innocence, believed the stories spun from the past were untrue and unjust.

Then again, if no one followed - even better.

The End

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