Azazel's EscapeMature

Chapter three
Azazel; Cat_Monty
Word Count: 834

Azazel walked down the dark empty corridors away from the loud sounds of celebration. What are we celebrating? He thought, Thousands died, on both sides. Not to mention the humans who may have been caught in the crossfire. He had been contemplating leaving ever since the closed gate to the human realm started breaking and bending. Now, with his body still covered in the blood of his dead foes, he made the decision.

The gatekeeper raised his three canine heads at the sound of his approach.

I wish to go to earth. I know the gate is weak enough and that you have more than enough power to send me there” Azazel said, very brusque and business-like. One head laughed at him, his orange, fiery eyes jumping and spitting out flames in time to his chortles. The second head merely shook his head disapprovingly, his opaque eyes reading Azazel's intentions. He third head, the oldest one though, gave a small nod. The third head had afterall witnessed much in his time, and could sympathise with Azazel want to run away.

That is a decision all three of us make Third” Second growled angrily, baring his long razor-sharp fangs.

Besides, even if the Deamon goes up there, he will be killed. It'd be a unessential waste old fool” One chimes in, still laughing and grinning like a crazy simpleton.

I may be old, but I am not a fool. This boy is not even of this world” Third defended, causing Azazel to remember the day his whole life had changed.

He was a fallen's son and with that came powers. Someone had to show him how to use those” Second said gruffly, then turning to look Azazel's way.

And you've grown strong as a result, leading many armies. Why do you chose to leave this luxurious life you have made for yourself?” He asked, genuine confusion and concern touching his voice.

When you have seen the wreckage and carnage enough times...” Azazel trailed off as the images of bloodied, innocent children and mothers flashed across his vision, and as the sound of helpless screams filled his ears.

Pity, you could've been great, were it not for the human blood tainting your mind” Second murmured.

Oh, But he could have that half destroyed if he were to ask. Then emotions wouldn't bother him anymore” One said, as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Azazel felt a glare touch his expression.

I will not destroy my humanity. Ever” Azazel replied with a clenched jaw.

Then you can never belong here, no matter how hard you try” Second said with a hopeless sigh.

Then we agree that he should be allowed access to the human world?” Third wheezed out with his croaky old voice.

Yes, Let it be so” Second said, turning his stony gaze away from Azazel and to the great gate.

One didn't say anything, he just shook his head and continued laughing as always.

Azazel watched as the gate began to open itself, he could feel the air around him drop a few degrees as a supernatural force engaged. And the gate opened. Before him he could see rumble and bits of broken glass. He could see smoke in the distance and hear sirens. The image was watery, moving ever-so-slightly like a wave. Azazel pushed aside all his worries and stepped through, feeling his body go from unbearably white hot to a bitter freezing cold.

Where he found himself was a place in ruins. At first he thought there was lazy snow drifting past, but it wasn't pure white, it was grey, dull ash. A sign nearby told him this had once been Brooklyn and in the distance he could see that New York had mostly survived. Azazel chose to stay where he was, enjoying the cool breeze and the beautiful sound of nothing. If he was on his own he could hurt no-one. He could happily live out his existence this way.

He found a building that wasn't entirely destroyed and started exploring. He followed the staircase right up to the roof where he looked at everything around him. Azazel considers going back to that place. But he's almost certain that it'll be in complete ruins. Besides, the last thing he wanted to do was run into someone he'd once known. He was dragged out of his thoughts by a white thing shooting out of the clouds and towards New York. It had to be an angel, but why would one lone angel come to earth?

Azazel decided he would track down the angel in the morning. He wasn't seeking bloodshed, but if this angel was going to cause him any problems, he wanted to know sooner rather than later. He thought he heard the sounds of a girl crying close by and the more humane part of him wanted to go and comfort whoever the stranger was.

The End

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