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In the Age of Miracles chapter 17-25, Julia has learned that her father is cheating on her mother, but Julia is too scared to tell her mother. Julia's mother begins to get sick from the slowing and crashes her car into a person from a suicidal cult. Julia's friend Gabby meets somebody online from a real time community, and shaves her own head in hopes of joining, she later runs away only to be found by her parents and gets brought back home. Plants began to die off which posed a serious threat t

    The theme of losing friends and family has been shown throughout the entire book. Some examples of this are when Hanna begins to hang out with other people instead of Julia. Julia's parents marriage is falling apart, with her mothers sickness and her dad cheating.  In chapter 23 "In the great reshuffling of fortunes and fates that followed the start of the slowing, most of us had lost. We were worse off, most of us, than we had been before. Some grew sick, some depressed. A great many marriages dissolved under the stress." The marriages dissolving not only applies to parents, but to all of Julia's friends and family.  People are losing friends. A new theme is beginning to emerge, and that is the decay of these lost relationships which are making people act crazy, like the dad when he lies about the survival of the man, or Gabby when she runs away from her family. 

     As the slowing begins to grow, many things change with Julia, she is more impulsive and a little less trusting of others. While real timers are relaxed and want to stay out of the way. Julia is very different from the start of the book, but that could be everything that was happening with her friends and family anyway, the slowing could have been a catalyst of everything that happened in her family. The real timers and  clock timers follow very different views on life, and the clock timers do not seem to like real timers and commit crimes directed towards them, like cutting their electricity, in hopes that it will run them out of town. The book seems to depict real timers as hippies with special stores directed to them containing natural remedies and organic herbs, and Circadia resembles woodstock, where the people can do whatever they want and allow minors to drink.

The End

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