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The age of miracles chapters 26 - 34. Julia's grandfather has disappeared, and it is believed that he has went to circadia, a real time colony, to live. The family goes to circadia in search of him but he is not found. The astronauts are trying to return to earth. Eventually the grandfather dies and is buried, on Julia's birthday. The sun begins to burn people, and many wild animals die out, It seems that near the end all of the people die as well.

The theme of the novel is confronting your fears and facing nature. Many of the points in the story involve death and people fearing or confronting the change in the rotation. Real timers chose to adapt to the change, while clock timers are living in denial of the whole thing. We can see a point were somebody is choosing to switch to real time in Gabby, "A twelve year old girl had run away with a man she met online, who supposedly lived in one of the daylight colonies, but we didn't even know his last name." Gabby is caught between two different worldviews, her parents and her own, and that is making her choose poor decisions. 

Social and Economic structures play a huge role in the Age of Miracles. The government immediately set rules for people to follow, and the followers believed that they were the sane ones, They were known as clock timers. There was another group of people who believed that sleeping in sync with the sun was a better idea, they were called real timers, and the clock timers thought that they were crazy. The real timers were discriminated by clock timer  and often targeted in acts of terrorism like cutting power and destruction of property. This discrimination widely reflects current society, for this type of discrimination is common between race. Julia's actions are influenced not by the slowing, but by the social consequences spawning from it. People are scared and are doing crazy things, like running away to the real timers community, or building safe houses to survive. These interactions are influencing Julia in a really negative way. Her family is falling apart, her friends are leaving, and the world is ending.

The End

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