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Age Of Miracles writing

          I believe that if a similar event were to happen to the slowing of the rotation of the earth, the government would not do something like bringing back 24 hour time. Many readers of the book were probably confused on why the leaders of the world decided to do this, they were most likely thinking that using the new hours would be much more sensible. The author is probably included the 24 hour format issued by the government to give a large amount of the books populous a reason to fear the government. The splitting of the different time schedules could also represent the splitting of friendships as seen with Julia's friend Hanna, when she was abandoned in favor of a friend with more interest. I think that Julia is losing friends and that that it is very hard for her when her parents also drift away. The way that friendships work in the real world can be very similar to the book and that people adon't trust each other. On page 101, "The days past. Clock mornings, clock nights. Darkness and light drifted overhead like passing storms, no longer tethered to our days and nights." This quote happened after Julia destroyed her friendship braclet and was most likely about sadness from a loss. I think that the book is doing well on reflecting current society with the twist of the apocalypse. 

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