AOCC - Characters


A 17 year old girl who dropped out of school age 16. Her parents are dead and she lives alone in Edinburgh but is staying in London for two weeks. She has blonde hair that comes to her chin and grey eyes. She likes reading and fencing. She carries two daggers with her at all times. She's named her daggers, Bo and Warrick. One is strapped to her back and the other strapped to her calf. She also carries a sword with her on assignments. It has a jewel-encrusted hilt and a very sharp blade. Actually called Alexia



A 16 year old girl who dropped out of school six months before story starts. Her parents live in a two bedroom London house where they keep the bed ready in case Azalia comes to stay. She had brown hair that comes to her shoulders. Her eyes are green. She likes swimming and most other sports. She only carries a short knife with her on assignments but has never used it. Actually called Nimeesha



An 18 year old boy who dropped out of school at 16. His mother died while giving birth. He had a hard childhood being raised by his dad. Tarian hates his dad but can't explain why. He has silver hair that sticks up in every single direction. He has blue eyes. He is very argumentative and rebellious, but cocky and arrogant. He likes playing football (soccer) and contact rugby. Tarian carries a dagger in his right sleeve and a small pistol in the back of his belt. Actually called Angelo

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