Sirena: Take a hit

"Talking. Obviously. Or is that too complicated for your tiny brain to process?" Oops. Wrong speech! Wrong persona!

Theo glared at us with hard, murderous eyes "You know the rules wench"

I  made my eyes into round, innocent saucers of blue "I'm sorry sir, I was just explaining to a new comer the rules, so she didn't dis-respect someone merely by acciden. I meant no disrespect toward you, I swore that I'd behave, didn't I sir?"

He smiled slightly "You still broke the rules" his hand bunched into a fist "You know the consequences" his fist came toward me and landed on my cheek, making me fall to the floor. "Don't let it happen again or I'm holding you fully responsible"

I wanted to hit him, hard but I couldn't speak or fight like who I really am. I spoke through gritted teeth "Yes sir, thank you sir" he walked off smugly, a smile planted on his face. Alincia helped me up

"You okay?"

"Yeah, don't let Theo get to you, but if you can't take a punch, fight or act like you care about inforcing the rules too hard, stay out of his way."

"Got it, thanks Sirena"

"Any time, if you need help just yell, literally, I'll hear"


I touched my nose "Not now, and just so you know, the walls have ears" and with that, I ran off.

The End

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