Theo: know your place.

My name strikes fear into the hearts of all young people in Anthropia. The head guard says that one day I shall assume his post, for he has never seen such leadership and discipline in a boy of my age before. The other day I beat a girl because she had the cheek to not address my title. I let her know I am her superior. She vows not to make the same mistake again, to which I sneer.

Women cannot be held to their word. They are too weak, yet they have strength enough to fight this. It is such a shame that they cannot hold their tongue: that is so often a complaint. Women need to know their place.

I strode with purpose past the gates, on my way to collect another merit for my advance in station. I am sure to reach the highest youth rank by the age of nineteen: then my father will be proud. Just then I saw two girls by the gates. I felt anger surge inside me at this flagranr disregard for the rules and walked up to them, puffing out my chest and attempting to appear as sinister as possible.

'What do you think you're doing?'

The End

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