A New World

As the girl walked off, I stared at the door, slightly ajar. Inside was a dark forest with a faint light at the end. I glanced around furtively, as if someone may see me going through and take offence. Slowly, I pulled the door open, and stepped through into the world. I had no idea where the girl had gone, for she was nowhere to be seen. Straight ahead, the forest ended in a wall of shining light. Above, the canopy was thick, denying the undergrowth if it’s much needed light.

            I made my forward. So far, this new world was the same as her own, yet somehow different. It was as if everything had clarity to it that nothing in her old world possessed. The light at the end of the leafy tunnel grew brighter, until she was upon the aperture, framed in brilliant light.

            With a sharp intake of breath, I beheld what was before me. The castle that housed the gate in which I had entered through was nothing compared to this. Spread out in front of me was a gleaming, archaic world. Rolling hills, magnificent trees, sparkling skies, and in the centre of it all was a mighty castle, surrounded by a large town, finally encased in the solid boundaries of a curtain wall.

            I felt a light hand on my shoulder. I spun, and saw the girl again.

“Welcome to Anthropia, Alcina.”

The End

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