Sirena: The gate

I heard the rusty metal gate open with difficulty, hoping that someone was getting out and no-one was coming in. No-one should live's like king Arthur's time in here, the new world ends at the gate and your life does too. I hesistantly walked in the direction of the gate and saw a girl come through damn it! why does this have to happen? she's got her whole life ahead of her I approached her cautiously "Hi, I'm Alcina"

"I'm Sirena" I hoped I didn't sound too rude "if you want to know how to survive in this town let me know...oh and stay away from the castle if you can avoid it" I stared at the polished marble castle with the turrets that reached far into the sky "oh and it's very old fasioned here, hide what you can Alcina. Stay safe" and with thatI walked away leaving the bewildered girl alone. I really hope she doesn't have a run in with's the last thing the poor girl needs.

The End

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